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Thank you for visiting us here at MuseumWorx!

In short, we provide themed hands-on experiences.

At MuseumWorx, we leverage the power of software, design, fabrication and informal education partner firms to provide exhibits, simulations, software and curriculum.

Our hands-on experiences capture the imagination, spark the spirit, and provide problem-solving challenges. They also provide participants with a sense of inquiry and discovery in a multifaceted environment.


"Aha!"... "Wow!"... "I didn't know that!"... "where can I learn more?"... "I want to do that again!"... "that was cool!"... are the moments we strive for with our products.

We specialize in having turnkey stand-alone exhibits as well as turnkey permanent and mobile exhibitions, but we always look forward to helping you design and theme the environments in which they will reside or customize a whole new experience for you.

Our beliefs  are simple:

Attainment of Excellence
Creative Energy
Ethical Behavior

We have a large national and international base of clients. 

For over 25 years our personnel have been designing and implementing STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics) learning into our exhibits and simulations, long before STEM or STEAM became the educational buzz words of today.

We will work hand-in-hand with you to help maintain your budget or to dream big!  There are several ways to help save on your budget.  Our turnkey exhibits already lower the research and development costs to you and we also offer volume pricing and discounts to our loyal return customers.

Whether you are from a museum, themed attraction, camp, school or just an interested passerby, we look forward to talking with you and working with you!

Coming Soon!

Military Arcade

MILITARY Training Arcade
Coming Soon!


 Orion Asteroid Sim

Space Mission: Asteroid!
Coming Soon!